Faq : Indian incens


How to light an incense stick or cone ?


First of all, prepare an incense holder stable and that would not risk to burst into flame :


  • Best incense holders for sticks are those which are of a long rectangle shape with a small chanel in the middle that allow to collect ashes.

  • A lot of different incense holders exist for cones, most of the time they have a round shape, in soap stone, metal, carved or not...

  • You can also find some incense boxes that allow to burn both incense sticks or incense cones. They are not only useful but decoratives.


  • And if you don't have anything, you can also use a pot of flowers or a receptacle full of sand...



  • Light the incens and put out the flame, not by blowing on it (breath is impure according to the boudhist tradition) but by shaking it. Let the small embers start, the fragance will spread in a fine thread of smoke


  • Do not let an incens burn without surveillance, take care that young children would not play with it, and be aware that if some embers fall on something, it can burn...


  • It exists a great variety of incens, some are artificially perfumed and can be toxics. Incens that you will find here are hand made in a traditional way by well knowned indian fabrics. The flavour of those incens are lasting, even once the burning over.