These patchworks coming from Rajasthan or Gudjarat (Indian states) are completely hand made with pieces of embroidered coton, silk 'brocard', but also beats, sequins, mirors... Very nice work, every piece is unique. Different sizes = 145 x 100 cm, 145 x 45 cm, 90 x 60 cm See our Faq for maintenance

Embroidered patchwork/table runner


This hand made patchwork, sizes of a table runner, is made from different materials, main pastel colours are : beige, maroon, old pink, different greens, turquoise blue...). You can easily match it with your decoration. Some figures are embroidered : four elephants, one peacok, a village woman and her "doumi' (hearth), a real alive patchwork !
Sizes = 1.49 m length ; 0.47 m wide

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