Ceramic knobs or door handles

With our 118 references different of ceramic doorknobs, a beautiful quality sold to moderate prices, you will find what you are looking for easily customize your furniture ! They adapt themselves very easily: it is enough that of a crossing hole (see our "FAQ"). Hand made work, there is no one exactly similar , it is what makes their charm. These doorknobs are perfect to open drawers or doors of furniture, chests of drawers etc. on the other hand they cannot activate a system of opening a door of a room. They exist in 4 main forms = "square", "flower", "diamond", "circle" and in different sizes. To navigate more easily between our 118 different references, we invite you to use the search engine

Ceramic knob small size flower white/blue flower


Ceramic knob, flower shape, small size, hand painted in white with a thin dark blue flower
Sizes of ceramic = 3,5 cm in diameter, 3.5 cm high
This ceramic knob can suit to very different style, you can also match it with the small white flower, the small blue flower knobs...
Also available in bigger size.

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