Ceramic knobs or door handles

With our 118 references different of ceramic doorknobs, a beautiful quality sold to moderate prices, you will find what you are looking for easily customize your furniture ! They adapt themselves very easily: it is enough that of a crossing hole (see our "FAQ"). Hand made work, there is no one exactly similar , it is what makes their charm. These doorknobs are perfect to open drawers or doors of furniture, chests of drawers etc. on the other hand they cannot activate a system of opening a door of a room. They exist in 4 main forms = "square", "flower", "diamond", "circle" and in different sizes. To navigate more easily between our 118 different references, we invite you to use the search engine

ceramic knob flower royal blue


Ceramic knob, flower shape, big size, hand painted in royal blue, each "petal" is embellished with a golden strip
Sizes of the ceramic = 4,5 cm in diameter, 4 cm high
This royal blue ceramic knob will works wonders in your kitchen or bathroom. It can be matched with the white flower knob with blue flower, with the plain white or with the multicoloured blue

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