Woolen socks of camel or woolen socks of yack

You will find in this section) woolen socks of camel or woolen socks of yak. They come directly from a small factory situated in Mongolia. In spring, during the slough, the animal is cropped to renew its coat. The wool so collected is then sorted out and cleaned. The wool of Camelidae, just like that of yaks, possesses unique properties: It is more solid and lighter than other types of wools : its hairs are empty inside thanks to what it keeps better the heat, repels the water, absorbs the humidity, is very elastic and solid. Your feet will thus feel hot and will not perspire ! No more fears of bad smells when you will remove your shoes ! These socks are perfect for the sensitive to cold, for the people having problems of blood circulation, for the sportsmen " outdoor " (walkers, skiers, joggers etc.), for the gardeners... Try, you go to be seduced by their sweetness, their heat and their comfort. The colors of these wools are so beautiful as they are kept in their natural tints. The woolen socks of camel are thus of beige or brown color, the woolen socks of yak come in grey or in brown. On www.daniavad.fr, the socks exist in 4 sizes = 35/36 or 37/39 either 40/42 or 43/45 Maintenance: wash machine (program nap under cold conditions) or in the hand. The fact that you do not perspire in these socks allows to wash them much less often...

Woolen socks yak grey/black (40/42)


No more available in this colour...
Pair of woolen sock of yak, grey color, cuts 40/42. Given their very big flexibility they can also suit in the sizes going from 39 to 43, everything depends on the width of the foot and on the use (smart shoes: choose a smaller size, sports shoes, gardening shoes : choose a bigger size etc.).
Composition: 70 % wool of yak, 20 % viscose, spandex 6 %, 4 % nylon (heat, sweetness, flexibility, resistance, comfort)
Ringlet inside the sole and on toes for a better insulation, a weaving in diamonds on the top of the foot for more resistance
Maintenance: wash machine (programs wool) or in the hand.

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