In this section you will find statuettes picked up at Tibetans refugees in the North of India. Most are made of brass, they are connected to Indu and Buddhist religions.

Half sitted Parvati

Siting Parvati

Parvati is a Hindu goddess, the wife of Shiva ( God of destruction and rejuvenation), mother of Ganesh and Skandu and daughter of Himaran, lord of mountains and ther personification of the Himalayas. She is also known by 108 names. According to the Hindu myth, Shiva didn't want to get married with Parvati because of her dark skin colour. The angry Parvaty left him and underwent servere penance to get a fair colour as a boon from Brahma.
She is known as the goddess of love and devotion but most of all she is one who gives power (or shakti) to all beings.
From this brass representation of Parvati emanate a meditative serenity, she is very elegant in her natural beauty.
Weight = 806 gr, 12,5 cm height, 11 cm wide

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