In this section you will find statuettes picked up at Tibetans refugees in the North of India. Most are made of brass, they are connected to Indu and Buddhist religions.

Shiva Shakti (big size)

Shiva shakti big

!!! This statue no more available, I hope to find a new one soon...
Shiva is the presiding deity of destruction and regeneration, the couple of Shiva with his wife, Parvati (who is the goddess of love and devotion but most of all the one who gives power to all beings) jointly symbolise both the power of renunciation and ascetism and the blessings of marital felicity. Actually one finds in his relation to other the reflection of his own picture. Without this duality, the human being couldn't know himself and become an active agent of himself. Tantric statuette, representing the circulation of the "kundalini", the vital energy.
So this imposing brass statue (weight = 3,350 kg, height = 25 cm on 15 cm large) get a nice symbolic meaning ! Shiva holds in his hands a bell and a dorge (interaction of both gives enlightment) and Parvati a head and a chopper.

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