Terms and conditions




  • 1/ Scope and revision of the terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to all items viewed on the website and to all orders placed through the website http://www.daniavad.fr

The website http://www.daniavad.fr was created in april 2011 and is the property of a one person limited company that was founded on September 4, 1998 and that is registered with the Chamber or Commerce of Lyon, in the Rhône department.

Owner: Véronique Wecxsteen

Business name: Daniavad

Address of headquarters: 20, chemin du belvédère – 69340 Francheville

SIRET: 419 996 418 000 28


Daniavad reserves the right to update or modify the present terms and conditions at any time. If the terms and conditions are modified, the terms and conditions used at the date of the order was placed will be used.


  • 2/ Orders


a) Product offering

The products offered through the website http://www.daniavad.fr are valid as long as they are presented on the website and within the limits of available stocks. In case the product that was ordered is no longer available, the buyer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the possibility to cancel his order. The buyer will be able to choose between a refund and an exchange. In case a refund is demanded, the amount paid will be reimbursed within 30 days after the payment was made. Otherwise, it will be possible to exchange the product with another product that has similar characteristics and which price is identical. In case an exchange is impossible, Daniavad reserves the right to cancel the order made by the buyer and to reimburse the amount paid. In the event of a product not being available, Daniavad cannot be held responsible, and the company will not verse damages to the buyer.


It is impossible to guarantee the perfect representation of the products on the website http://www.daniavad.fr, especially due to the differences in the representation of colors depending on the web browsers and/or viewing tools. Therefore, Daniavad cannot be held responsible if the pictures presented on the website differ from reality.


We do everything possible to ensure that our products give you full satisfaction. However, the variety of colors, patterns and sizes, caused mainly by the the fact that our products are often hand crafted, are part of their character and originality. Those differences, as long as they do not concern essential features of the product or influence their quality, cannot justify the cancellation of an order or the rejection of an order.


b) Acceptation of the order

The confirmation of the order by the buyer means that he or she fully accepts the present terms and conditions, and that he or she acknowledges having read and fully understood them. The buyer also abandons his right to use his own terms and conditions regarding the purchase or other aspects of the transaction. All the information provided and the registered confirmation will be used as proof of the transaction. The confirmation will operate as signature and acceptation of the transactions processed.

http://www.daniavad.fr will send the confirmation of the registration of the order by e-mail.


  • 3/ Price and Payment


a) Price of the products

All the prices are calculated in euros, based on the prices used at the time the order was placed and comprise the taxes related to the commercialization of the products, including a 19.6% VAT, except in the event of input mistakes or modifications of the VAT rate.

The prices can be modified without any obligation to inform the client and may be affected by the fluctuation of the prices of raw materials that we cannot control.


b) Shipping costs

The shipping costs are mentioned on the website http://www.daniavad.fr for every order and they are summarized at the time of the payment.

To ensure that the shipping costs are calculated fairly, we calculate the cost of shipping in accordance with the actual weight of the goods purchased.


c) Payment terms

The payment should be made exclusively in euros and in full when the order is placed, by credit card.The secure payment by credit card is provided by Credit Mutuel-CIC, the first French financial institution that provided secure payment solutions on the Internet. Building on their experience, they implemented a reinforced authentification system. The banking details you provide will be crypted on your own computer and will never circulate uncrypted on the Internet. No credit card number is stored temporarily or permanently by Daniavad.


  • 4/ Delivery


The maximum delivery time is within 5 working days in Metropolitan France if the product is available, as the shipping will be done on Mondays and Thursdays.

All orders will be shipped using the services of La Poste by registered Colissimo and delivered in exchange of signature. You will be able to follow the progress of your order by checking the website www.coliposte.fr using the number we will provide you. The buyer is required to report to http://www.daniavad.fr any delay of more than 7 days. For any collections you wish to make in person at Daniavad's stand, we will be grateful to the buyer to contact us in order to arrange a suitable day and time for the delivery without any postage then.


Deliveries are made in France, within the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden). For other countries, please, consult us.


The buyer is responsible for checking the specifications of products in terms of size and volume prior to any order, and that these products can be transported by the usual access ways to the place of delivery. In case it is impossible for the delivery company to deliver the products before the agreed date and time, because the buyer is absent or because there is not enough information regarding the necessity to use specific means of delivery, additional delivery costs might occur et/or the order might be cancelled by http://www.daniavad.fr.


The seller, Véronique Wecxsteen, keeps the full and exclusive property of the products sold until they are fully paid for but the client will bear the risks as soon as the products leave the office of the seller.


Daniavad will not take responsibility for any delay in the delivery that is due to unexpected events that cannot be controlled such as a delay caused by the transporter (based on the date the products were handed to the the transporter); strikes, interruption of the transportation, administrative decision or any other situation of force majeure that would delay the delivery or make it impossible.


  • 5/ Reception of the products


The buyer is responsible for checking the conformity of the goods ordered when they are delivered before he or she signs the delivery note. Any problem regarding the delivery (damage, missing product from the delivery note, damaged parcel...) must be indicated on the delivery note.

The delivery note should state written provisions, precise and documented at the arrival of the person in charge of the delivery (the general formulas such as: "upon checking at a later date" or "until the goods are unpacked" do not have any legal value).


  • 6/ Returns and exchanges


We do everything possible to ensure that our products and services give you full satisfaction.

However, if your order does not give you full satisfaction, you can return your articles (in accordance with the applicable regulations) within a period of seven days from the date your order was received, as attested by date the on the postmark. You will have to pay for the postage (unless the return if caused by a mistake we committed) and the initial shipping costs are not refundable. Beyond this period of time, no complain or return will be accepted.


For all the products that are accepted for a return, a credit note can be issued, the product can be exchanged, or a refund can be obtained, except for the products on sale or sold during exceptional flash sales.

For the return of a product, the original packaging will have to be used along with all the stickers and the packaged product will have to be in good condition so that it can be re-commercialized. The products that are returned incomplete, damaged, destroyed or dirtied will not be accepted.


How to proceed ?

a) Contact us

No spontaneous return, without prior agreement, will be accepted. To obtain an authorization to return the product (a return code), please send an e-mail to daniavad@yahoo.fr. You will have to specify your order number along with the references and the size of the article(s) that you wish to return, as indicated in the delivery note.

b) Send us the articles back by mail

Please make sure you mention your return code, then return the article(s) you wish to exchange at the following address: Daniavad – Véronique Wecxsteen – 20, chemin du belvédère – 69340 Francheville – France

All returns or refunds (by cheque) are processed within 15 days. We inform you that we do not accept returned articles addressed on postage due, nor parcels without the return code. When you return one or several articles, you have a credit of the amount corresponding to the price or the article(s). You can either place an new order to exchange the article(s) returned using your credit note, or you can ask us for a refund for the article(s) returned.


  • 7/ Privacy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of the 6th January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete this personal data. Therefore, you can send us a letter or send an e-mail to daniavad@yahoo.fr to ask for your contact details to be suppressed from our database.

Daniavad will never communicate your contact details to any third party for free or in exchange for money.


  • 8/ Applicable legislation - Jurisdiction


The relations between the buyers and http://www.daniavad.fr with regards to the orders placed through the website will be defined according to French law. In case a disagreement cannot be resolved on friendly terms, and in a case the buyer is not a French resident, disputes relating to the commercial relationship with Daniavad will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the jurisdiction of the Rhône department (France).


  • 9/ Intellectual property


The website http://www.daniavad.fr, its general structure, as well as the texts, images, photographies, logo (...) and all other elements composing the site, are the property either of Daniavad or of the clients who have authorized Daniavad to produce their data.